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Government Requirements
OQ Quarterly Tax Report with Withholding Schedule B & Employee Detail Form 132 Go to topics
Required Quarterly Reports   You must complete 3 reports. If you do not use the OTTER or SETRON systems, the state will send you these reports to complete manually.

OQ Quarterly Tax Report
State Withholding Tax Report - Schedule B
Employee Detail Report - Form 132

Mass Transit District Payroll Taxes If you are in the Tri-Met District, employers must pay a transit tax. Click here for more information.
When are the reports due?  

The last day of the month following quarter-end.

Online payment available
  Oregon has software called OTTER which allows you to report Oregon combined payroll taxes. If you use OTTER, you file the reports by emailing them to the state.

OTTER's home page

You can also file online using the SETRON system. Visit

On the Quarterly OC form:
Transit Taxes for businesses in Lane County or the Portland area

Employers in Lane County or the Portland Tri-County area must pay transit taxes.

Tri-Met: 0.6518% of payroll
Lane County: 0.62% of payroll

For Tri-County employers, first verify that your zip code is subject to the transit tax by going to

Pay the taxes on the OC Quarterly form shown above. If you have questions about these taxes, visit or call 503-945-8100.